Friday, November 16, 2007

Florida Dems - the best solution is a lawsuit?


I did send it to both the state and the national party.

Having gotten no response, I thought I would share my question with the State Democratic Blogging Community. Because - it seems to me it's one of those "elephant in the room" questions.

I just can't believe, that the very best solution is a lawsuit?

I hope, political ego aside (if thats even thinkable) that cooler heads will prevail.

I have never thought the dem party as so money-rich, so thick with resources that we can spend months, money and resources fighting among ourselves in court.

Setting aside, Sen. Nelsons utility as a conservative democrat and his national ambition (which is obviously a hulking mass to move) Is there anyone pursuing a wiser course????

Are we so sure that this won't turn off a lot of fence sitters?

It seems to me and I suspect to many others, this a hideous FARCE of an IDEA, I understand how it plays directly to the needs of Repulsicans. And if that idea alone isn't enough to say - WHOA NELLY - WoW!

I can't stand silently by, while the idiocy or worse; guts what should be a very successful electoral year. If however, due to moles, or finks, or just stoopidity, we get co opted by Dem-publicans we can still lose this state AGAIN to the Damn Monarchist Tory Party

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
Progressive Democrat
"I remember when workers had rights!"
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