Tuesday, October 30, 2007

UN-Conventional Convention Part II


I still think Edwards the best of the VIABLE candidates. I think unfortunately the Edwards campaign hasn't taken advantage of the deep support out there. I conducted my own straw poll of about 30 dems on the bus from the parkinglot, and the Edwards vote was the clear winner clocking 16 votes out of a possible 30. I placed no limit of how many times a person could vote. Next closest was Kucinich but only about 8 for him Clinton, Biden Dodd and Richardson.

Linda and I and about 12 other folks got EDWARDS signs Saturday evening, of the FRI-SAT-SUNDAY Florida Democratic Convention. It was a convention with out nearly any of the National Candidates. Kucinich was rumored to be attending, but only Senator Gravel, came and spoke informally to the Progressive Caucus.

They've all been forbidden to appear in public in Florida, due to squabbling between the State and National Democratic Party.

They have all been banned from appearing in FL, except at BIG TICKET PRIVATE MEETINGS. There were signs from the Clinton Campaign and the Obama campaign, on parade the very first morning, but no one else had signs, until Saturday evening when some Edwards signs showed up. We begged a pair, and this group of self selected Edwards supporters paraded around the convention hall, for forty five minutes signs held high.

And all this DEMOCRATIC CONFUSION, was set in motion by shenanigans in the REPULISICAN RUN Florida legislature, and it has now impacted party unity and STATE / NATIONAL cooperation to the extent that some State Party Leaders are - get this IN COURT SUING the National Dems. Hmm dems suing Dems, why? Because the National Party has ruled that NOT ONLY are the candidates banned from appearing before the PUBLIC - but the National Dems say they won't count our January primary, and no Florida Dems will be seated at the National Convention in August in Denver.

HOLY SMOKES - lets see WHO benefits... WHO ????????
Dems Suing DEMS, are they CRAZY or just MOLES???

Add to that, the news that our party chairperson, Ms Karen Thurman is working as a Consultant for a lobbying firm owned by Al Cardenas the Chair of the FLORIDA Republican Party?????? Cozy eh?

Well when this was disclosed in a Herald article - It has been said, that she's only working on a project at the Port of Miami . And the second widely used excuse is, hey - she's taking republican money - so how's that bad ?

Well you could call it the spirit of nascent bipartisan-ship if the republicans hadn't been using every dirty trick to screw florida voters, or if they could say, because she works with them, they didn't do this, or we got them to do that - it that might be different...

So it just keeps getting curiouser, and curiouser

This side of the looking glass
Rick Spisak
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