Tuesday, October 23, 2007

RE Florida Democratic Convention in Orlando

Like many who must support any hope of a choice beyond hard core, blood curdling proto monarchists, like Guliani and Mitt (both of who are fully vested with TERROR & TORTURE INC.) And their corporate kissin cousins, like lil sister hillary-the-enabler, and brother Obama.

I have decided to attend the convention, while my heart will be with my brothers and sisters, and true friends in the streets at Eola Park and across my endangered country.

I must say, I am disappointed to see the dem-party suing itself? Abandoning candidates, and delegates, $1000 a plate this, and $150 a plate that.
The Repulsican Lizards must be enjoying the turmoil -
You think it serves their interests to see DEMS suiing DEMS???????

While I cannot afford to purchase the Senator of my choice, I have trouble with Sen. Nelson who does occasionally speaks, like he's heard of the Constitution.
I have yet to hear his voice opposing Guantanamo, or SPYING, or TORTURE-the-American-Way.

I asked with no small irony at a local dem mtg?
"Is there a place for progressives, in the Democratic Party?"

Hillary and Obama, can't see us abandoning occupation of OUR IRAQ,
even by the end of a potential second term?

Is there no one in the party leadership offended at the spying and surveillance that even, Attorney General Ashcroft, Acting AG Comey, and FBI Director Mueller, and Solicitor General Olsen couldn't stomach, but was DONE ANYWAY, by the Current Junta?

Hold the TELCOM co-conspirators harmless on BUSHCO Spying -
Sure, No Problem, says dem leadership? This is OPPOSITION?

If no one in the Democratic Leadership has a stomach to oppose torture, or the loss or privacy, or the complete dismantlement of the Constitution.

Then the democratic party only serves its leash - holding corporate masters.
Has the party of Wilson, and Roosevelt become DEMOCRAT CO?

If so, it is no longer a party that serves the needs of american citizens,
who still care for the Constitution and the American Experiment in Liberty and Self-Governance.

We must impeach these abusers of their offices. We must oppose those who have broken treaty after treaty and left our soldiers vulnerable again, and again, and again, to the worst sort of TIT for TAT treatment.

The RIGHT trumpets the lie, that progressives, don't care for the human beings who are soldiers. While they abandon Geneva Conventions?
I would laugh, but my tears cannot permit it.

A bayonet is a tool with a worker on both ends

Solidarity and Peace

Rick Spisak
Progressive - Like the Magna Carta Proponents
Liberal - like those who opposed children in factories
Radical - like those who urged granting women, negroes and even indians human rights
Incindiery - like those who dared opposed the Greatest Empire on earth, from its break away colonies

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