Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As talk, it was pretty - but you don't build a BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE WITH "Pretty"

Essay with 2 Rebuttals

As talk, it was pretty - but you don't build a BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE WITH "Pretty"

Equal under law, playing by the same rules?  A new cop on the wall street beat?
Maybe we should stop incentivizing OUTSOURCING OF JOBS?

A real Mortgage solution for Mortgage Holders, not just bankers not just a few dozen?
Serious Commitment to Education? A New Fairness in Tax policy?

Since we've seen pretty words before...

I will be waiting for more than the waving of the bloody summary-execution flag.

We dont need to balance a clean environment with full energy development?
Didn't work out so well for the Gulf Coast BP's BFF or those town with FIRE-WATER!

Like ol Ronnie Reagan used to say "Glasnost and Perestroika"... Trust but Verify
(He's one of the President's Role Models)


Your negativity is not appreciated & your sarcasm is uncalled for!  
Please remove my name & email from your list b/c I'm not impressed with your 'whine & cheesy talk' anout the eloquent challenge Preident Obama laid before the American people & the hope he engendered to a nation disrupted & bankrupted by GOP greed & glib talk like yours in this email!
Good Bye,
Dan X



It's not complaining, to ask if the speech was anything more than just rhetoric.
I don't believe that asking if his ACTIONS will follow his words, is too much. Maybe all you were looking for was an inspirational speech. 

I appreciate a good speech, but I know also know about a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who continues rendition and prosecutes justice with Drone Missiles. Who's prosecuted more whistle-blowers than even the Bush/Cheney team. Who declared that Bradley Manning [BTW detained by the Commander-in-Chief naked in solitary for 10 months] is guilty, without benefit of a trial. (He did say Manning was being treated completely fairly)

A President who has worked to reduce Habeas Rights, and Expand Indefinite Detention. Whose rhetoric on the Economic Crisis has been completely refuted by his actions. (How many occupy protesters have been jailed vs how many criminal banksters)

But nevermind, he at least quoted Elizabeth Warren's comment that no one gets here alone. But he does give a helluva speech. And he's certainly not CRAZY like any of his potential REPULSICAN OPPONENTS.

Support him if you wish, and I will be remain skeptical of any rhetorician who uses his verbiage to collect supporters, and then ignores his own allies needs and his own promises.

solidarity & peace

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