Tuesday, October 04, 2011

We will not go gently back to the feudal servitude

My support and endorsement as always
No thought is given to the farmer in need of irrigation in Iraq, the US was busy paying to have novels translated into Iraqi. We also built fake factories. Oh how we helped bring civilization to the "Fertile Crescent". (Look it Up)
The chorus of WAR-MERCHANTS drones on about security, security, terror, terror. I guess they mean, take your shoes off we'll be scanning you naked. 

We will pay the WAR-MERCHANTS for their GOLD-PLATED high explosive diplomacy, their fragmentary bombs of diplomacy, their cluster bombs of International Relations, their UNSPENT NUCLEAR WARHEADS of nation building. What a gift, so much more... DRAMATIC than the PEACE CORPS.

Then we'll pay them (The War Merchants) to hire a subcontractor who is little more than a "cut-out" commercial slave-owners to pretend to refill  the craters and rewire the broken buildings and then throw up a Potemkin Village of a "chinese" plasterboard  to replace the real city of concrete and masonry. No money for that bridge in FloridaKentuckyNew York, Ohio...

Americans must stand idle, divided into ever smaller and smaller interest groups, each co-opted by hidden paymasters.  Coerced into opposing their own interests they ride the manufactured buses of dissent and hold the NON-UNION printed signs waving their weapons at their fellow inmates. The schools, and the libraries, are not for the poor alone. Clean air, and clean water are in fact affordable, the planet is not disposable, in fact POLLUTION IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SAUCE of all.

We must lead the reactionaries forces toward a more humane governance. Something more akin to what the founders bequeathed us. A nation of the people (NOT-CORPORATIONS) and not conducted in secret by a tyrannical government obscured by lies from those who must control and guide it.                                                                                                       

Openness not secrecy is the cure.
The national security state can only exist only for it's own perpetuation.

OPPOSE THE WAR on Afghanistan, on Iraq, on YemenSomalia, and the most important war of all the WAR on Working Americans. We will not go gently back to the feudal servitude. LAWS are equally for all the people - the corporations, the ruling elite of Wall Street, and the international outlaws of Crawford Texas, are not too big to JAIL!

solidarity & peace
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