Friday, October 14, 2011

TAXED TOO MUCH - don't make me laugh!

If you're part of the 99% yes, you are taxed too much. If you work or worked for a salary yes, you have paid too much. But if your a banker, or an insurance exec, or a trader making money with no tax liability, and you paid less in taxes than the janitor who took out your trash, you my friend have been getting a free ride. Time to pay the fare.

I am a small business man, I pay taxes each month. When I hear of companies who are receiving tax benefits from sending jobs over seas, or companies like GE or BP or GOLDMAN SACHS who take advantage of the benefits of doing business in a country, whose roads are paved, who is serviced by police and fireman, and whose staff is educated by tax payers. And yet paid no tax, or worse got a REFUND?

Don't talk to me about "T.E.A." partiers? Those "economically concerned" who never appeared while the Shrub and Turd-blossom put two wars on the credit card - You've got to be kidding me!

If your among the 1% who pays no taxes and yet benefits from a country built by tax payers you'll get no sympathy from me. Your trickle down doesn't trickle down on me!

The people in the streets right now, the (Occupy Wall Street, OCCUPY TAMPA, OCCUPY BOSTON, OCCUPY LA, OCCUPY MIAMI, OCCUPY PALM BEACH) who are demanding that mortgage payers get the same kind of loving care that BANKERS GOT.

I'm with them I'm a 99% oh, did I mention I'm an Educator.  And thus, viewed by my "governor" as expendable.
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