Thursday, October 06, 2011

The results of being a Liberal - a response

Clearly you are confused about the "idea" of liberal. The point of being a liberal, or progressive, is that you are prepared with an open mind to listen to a variety of opinions, and assess the available facts and then come to a reasoned conclusion.

The very idea on a "cult" is an anathema to the philosophy or world view of the truly liberal. [liberals were accused of cult-like behavior.]

I offer this in contrast with those who let FAUX NEWS [the propaganda organ of the PLUTOCRACY] do their thinking for them. I draw you attention to the followers who speak of themselves as the "DITTO-HEADS" who let Mr. Limbaugh do their thinking for them.

You earlier about what alternative did America have to an invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq. You neglected to really "think" about what ostensibly necessitated the invasion. Maybe you would point to the attack on the Building in New York. [Including no doubt the building the fell "in sympathy] with the near by destruction.

Assuming you accept the "approved" version sanctified by the Bush Administration. Wasn't it Saudi's and Saudi money - and of course with the addition money funneled by our "allies" in Pakistan's ISI.

Was it necessary to invade, and occupy Iraq, Afghanistan, to fend off a couple thousand tribesman?  I and many others think not. 

I recommend you read the essay by Marine General Smedley who fought in both the Mexican American War and World War I. You remember that one, it was the one, to end all Wars. Or at least that was the slogan.

I'm sure your open-minded enough to do a little historic reading. As the saying goes, those that don't know history, are bound to repeat it.

A Progressive in favor of Human Rights and Opposed to War!
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