Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Complainer who loves DEREGUALTION (Stuart News Rebuttal)

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Do you know why we have regulation because unregulated business have poisoned their employees and killed their customers. If people weren't greedy, we wouldn't need laws. If people drove like they want everyone else to drive we wouldn't need traffic laws.

When American corporations move overseas so they can ignore regulations that keep from poisoning us they poison other communities.
Check out the pollution problems in Mexico, and China. Where the UNREGULATED ROAM FREE.

Whether or not, MABELL built her machine is irrelevant to the issue. Yes corporation do wonderful amazing things, but unregulated businesses also do horrific things.

"You don't like safe food. Don't care about safe water. Don't care if there is sewage on the Beaches. No wildlife fine with you? And you obviously don't need safe medicine or appliances. All those nasty regulations that ruin the economy for those who woud poison you? That would be a shame. - RW Spisak"
As for me, I'd like there to still be wildlife. I'd like to know that airlines are safe, and that the medicine my grand children and wife eat is safe.
Good luck with that lifestyle."

Do some reading, look up why the food industry is regulated?

Read Sinclair Lewis who exposed meat packing. Read Rachel Carson
"The Silent Spring" if you and your children and grand children weren't protected from the abuses of the Agribusiness excesses - you might be eating corn that has pesticide genetically engineered right into the corn - OOPS you probably are - But don't you worry about it - Eating that pesticide will be easier if you and those who would GUT PROTECTIVE REGULATION get your way.

Look out below! - We are the 99%
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