Monday, January 10, 2011

FL Progressives may yet even hope...for a seat at the grownup's table

Attending a meeting of Florida* Progressives in Orlando Jan.8th at the huge Gaylord Palms Resort, I learned several important facts about the FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Hosted by the hard working progressive activist, Susan Smith.

First the long rumored anointing of former Sink running mate was consummated. Rod Smith is now party chairperson. Several activists who had attended the early Party Leadership meeting, commented that the party was trying something new... They actually had IDEAS and an AGENDA... but don't be scared FLORIDA... when someone asked is there now a PLATFORM COMMITTEE we got the word [a platform committee with you know, ideas... Is only under "consideration"] 

You might think when facing the CRIMINAL** party who has solidified control on the Governor's office, as well as the Legislature.  [Their website today announces that there will soon be a Criminal Party "debate" on FOX - the date? Dec 20th 2010 ] Keep on into the past there Criminal Party.

Other interesting news was that friends of progressives, inside the Florida Democratic Party assured us, they will work very hard, to get progressives a seat at the table. WHAT? Oh, yeah, there were some caveats... We have to play nice, send someone "presentable",  and most important of all... and this was said with deadly this group of progressive democrats clearly hoping, pleading, fawning, dreaming of working "INSIDE" the Florida Democratic Party [ok actually standing patiently on the front steps, near the door]  to where the GROWN-UPS meet. THERE MUST BE NO CRITICISM of the Florida Democratic Party. It would be rude! and might get someone elected.

Despite the GAG order, some did offer some very polite minor criticism was offered, like wouldn't it be nice if candidates, could SPEAK... if candidates addresses issues. if they addresses the real issues facing Floridians. Like Jobs, soaring gas prices, a foreclosure land-grab by "greedy bankers" [redundant I know, we need a better word - rapacious comes to mind.]

The good progressive activists, plan a conference on Legislation and the Legislature [it was duly noted that Legislator, disregard, not only the Florida Democratic Party - but those useless schmucks who sent them to Tallahassee - what are they called again, oh yeah CONSTITUENTS, ELECTORS, THE PEOPLE! ]

The goal of the LEGIS-CAMP is to better prepare Progressive Activists for working with the Legislature (currently in the strangle-hold of the Criminal Party) and where Florida-Dems are sprinkled they are by and large beholden to TALLAHASSEE for financial $UCCOR!

One thing I found very very unsettling when talk turned to "GOTV" [get out the vote] One of the bright lights offered this suggestion... We need some ballot initiatives to get out the youth vote - like legalize medical marijuana... there was a small polite gasp... but they completed their thought.. OF COURSE IT'S JUST FOR SHOW, IT COULD NEVER PASS... it's just to get the youths out there working on the TURNOUT - my, my, my... how cynical, SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE FLORIDA DEMOCRAT. 

If you want to participate in the LEGIS-CAMP to build a more progressive Florida - be there
Feb 13, location TBA  - remember though ... but criticize FLORIDA DEMOCRATS... at your peril.

Also for news on the recent Immigration Town Hall Meeting Florida Rep.Snyder held in Palm City. It was very very exciting - video clips to come.

FLORIDA*   - flori-DUH [home of a democratic party that seems unable to field a viable candidate](they might try a platform if it doesn't offend the FLA. Chamber of Commerce)

CRIMINAL PARTY**  - FAUX NEWs Legislative Crew,  aka Republicans, the political wing of the Violent Tea Party

solidarity & peace
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