Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Filthy Claw of Corporate Control Clutches Olbermann


I am appalled at the abrupt termination of the Olbermann news and commentary program. Programs are terminated for one of two reasons, either a failure to find an audience or problems with management. Which case we have hear is obvious.

With the change of corporate control, we see just how swift the corporate "leadership" corruption has reached it's filthy claw down into editorial content. [No Content Impact - I can hear the denials even now...]

I must say, even despite the toothless tigers that now sitting in the chairs of the FCC and the corporate lapdogs and freebooter sycophants filling the robes at the Supreme Court this power grab will not go un-noticed among the viewer-ship that  gave Mr. Olbermann the powerful reach he has. He shall retain that viewership - elsewhere!

The Corporate Chieftains may Chuckle today but you will repent at your leisure as the viewership plummets to below CNN's lowest mid-morning numbers. You may think now, that with your vast profits you can casually throw away the most popular show you broadcast. WATCH US as we turn you off.  

RW Spisak Jr.
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