Sunday, January 04, 2009

On Gaza and the policies of War - Jan. 4th

It is unfortunately true that many in the democratic party have for whatever reason failed to speak loudly and clearly in opposition to continued Israeli destruction in Palestine. There is additional cover from overt Israeli supporters and many in the Apocalyptic and Conservative Christian community as well.
The progressive Anti-War voices are largely calling for peace. War is not the Answer.

Israel has clearly timed this wholesale destruction to coincide with the lame duck's degraded crawl to the completion of it's occupation of the White House, knowing that those Israeli agents and apologists in the Cheney Bush administration can be counted on to trumpet Israel's rights, and Palestinian misdeeds.

Foolishness, intransigence and violence on both sides, is unfortunate and has produced such awful fruit as we see today. Are the rockets a legitimate issue, they are, but to stack rockets against the comprehensive strangulation policies of Israel is to compare a single shot pistol, deadly and dangerous as it is, with a row of cannon's firing rapidly.

The Palestinians have few friends and fewer effective advocates and continue to suffer Israeli atrocities. Decades of Israeli occupation, economic embargo, unabated illegal expansionism and violent brutality have empowered the worst reactionaries and war, has been produced.

What can be done, to nourish an outbreak of intelligence. Can no one, bring about an end of Israeli expansionism? Is there no stomach among the civilized nations in the European Union and among American foreign policy makers for any criticism of Israeli policies. Continued oppression of Palestinians by irresponsible Israelis can only bring about more bloodshed. No Israeli apologist can justify ongoing expansion, blockades, economic embargoes and the disenfranchisement of Palestinians.

While it is an unfortunate truism, that American policy has been tragically tilted in Israeli's favor and deaf to the sufferings of Palestinians. American foreign policy has been all too ready, for whatever reason, to write a blank check for any Israeli overreach. Those of us who believe in peaceful co-existence and support self determination must find every fingerhold on policy to turn the aircraft carrier of policy and redirect the glacier of long term strategy to try to avoid the twin holocausts that will inevitably arise from the current ill-conceived bloody path the Israelis have pursued.

Even if Israel maintains a short term stasis and continues to thwart the legitimate political aspirations of the Palestinians for the next fifty years, they ignore at their long term peril their great grandchildren's purchase on those bomb-pitted shores. Deny legitimate calls for self determination at your peril.

Emma Goldman said, "a bayonet is a weapon with a worker at both ends". There is no victory possible from this or any other war. The great crime, of denying a homeland to the Palestinians and the myriad uncounted deaths of Palestinian children, and Israeli children arenot erase-able merely because they remain UN-REPORTED.

PEACE BE ON THEM ALL, and peace to all those who work for peace.
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