Monday, January 12, 2009

Response to "Interesting Commentary by Kit Lange"

Ms. Lange

I hope your service to this country was conducted with more integrity than was displayed in that inaccurate collage of exaggerations and hysterical fantasy represented in your curious rant entitled "Interesting commentary..."

I will address a few of your more outlandish attacks to illustrate your comprehensive failure to understand what liberals, main stream democrats and the majority of Americans hope to accomplish through their election of President Obama.

You might want to actually look at the facts, you might find they contrast rather dramatically with your characterizations.

Unlike you I have attended his speeches, read the literature and participated in countless discussions with ordinary Americans who elected a new cadre of Democrats to repair the damage created by the past eight years of Bush policies. America turned away from fear-mongering, and turned away from the CORPORATE-WELFARE POLICIES of the dark republican era we are finally shaking off. "Leave no Banker BEHIND" shall no longer be heard in the West Wing.

While I will concede you have memorized the talking points of the right, which had until recently mesmerized much of the electorate. When they felt they couldn't just steal the election. (As in Florida) Where PAID Republican Congressional Staffers conducted a riot in the Miami Dade County building to put a halt to vote counting. Get over it, we have, forgotten it, we will not.

Now on to some of your fear mongering.

When you talk about handouts, and freebies, let's not forget who just got a $750 Billion Dollar Bon Voyage Gift from your pal$ in the White House. So when you refer to hands out for TAX PAYER DOLLARS lets not forget the GREED-HEADS on Wall Street - they are DOING Some SERIOUS REDISTRIBUTION.

And While I'm sure you have respect for your fellow soldiers, where was the respect for the soldiers, in the REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION with the NO-BID, PRICE GOUGING, WAR PROFITEERS, who overcharged American Tax-payers while failing to meet even minimum safety standards for the soldiers who they were OVER-paid to serve. Those shocking electrical problems in the showers, the bad food, the tainted water served at COST PLUS rates. Where was their vaunted RESPECT FOR THE SOLDIERS when not one, not even one, of those over charging, price gouging, War Profiteers has been punished during this long terrible war?

I know, they cared so much about the soldiers, that they didn't feel compelled to provide them with armored HUMVEES or adequate body armor? That's how much they cared.

And when the Vice President decided in the comfort of the White House to abandon the Geneva Conventions that protect our soldiers and TORTURE the Definition of what constitutes Cruel and Unusual Punishment, placing all American service men and women in greater danger where was their appreciation for brave American men and women at war? They showed their real colors when the Bush Administration tried to blame Torture Policies on "a few bad apples" in the National Guard from West Virginia???? Watch what they do, not what they say!

If that's republican respect and honor for our servicemen and women, I object.

One of the rules, of actual journalism is that if you cite a web source, you provide the link. I have been a democratic activist working closely with the campaign, and I've never seen any links to GIVEAWAYS and distribution of wealth.

I'd check the WALL STREET and ENRON BOYS and the fun-kids over at MADOFFs for the REAL RE-DI$TRIBUTION of Wealth, or maybe the KINGS of PETROLEUM, who during the last 8 years of Republican PLUTOCRACY have plundered Americans earning astronomical profits, now thats some serious REDI$TRIBUTION of Wealth. Your so funny, how about a little fear-mongering, USE THE "S" word why don't you - that'll really scare them.

So HALIBURTON and BLACK WATER FLEECE AMERICANS and walk away scot free, and stash their ill gotten tax payer dollars, over seas, thats not a problem for you? Corporation that keep corporate addresses in a filing cabinet ten thousand to a drawer in the Bahamas, that's no problem, but if Americans might get subsidized health care - thats a problem. You need batteries in your calculator, if you can't see how that adds up!

Regarding Israel
You with no justifiable evidence have "I suppose with your GUTS" guessed we will stop funding Israel completely. Since we have been anything but even handed, in the Middle East, some movement toward understanding the Palestinian position might be in order. But to assume the board will be tilted 180 degrees is fantasy without foundation.

Re Iran,
You must be ignoring the long history of America tampering with Iran, the hostage crisis was in part a reaction to America's assassination of Mosadeq and the installation of Reza Pahlavi on the "PEACOCK THRONE". Or do you only count irresponsible deeds when they are committed against Americans. Do you figure that destabilizing Iraq had no impact on its long standing enemy Iran?

And since American foreign policy played both sides of the IRAN / IRAQ war, where do you figure those crows will come to roost? Our foreign policy is far from rational in the tumultuous Middle East. The Saudi's our oil-rich allies provided the largest contingent in the nine-eleven attack, if the instant analysis is to be believed. Our support of the Kuwaiti's and the Saud Family has earned us the enmity of our former jihadi operative Mr. Bin Laudin, that really worked out eh?

I'm going to skip right by your rather imaginative section on soldiers and justice, since changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice would have to be approved by Congress and they are not actually a cheering section for our new President elect. And I'm also going to ignore the rather imaginative section on the packing of the Supreme Court because, unless your suggesting that the Supreme Court is in grave personal danger, this is utter nonsense.

I'm going to conclude with the section on loss of rights. Maybe you didn't notice that the disgraced Bush Attorney General "I KNOW NOTHING, NOTHING" Alberto Gonzales, pronounced his formal legal opinion, that the Geneva Conventions were quaint. And from Bush Administrations actions clearly Habeas Corpus has been completely dispensed with. Ask the Americans held incommunicado, without lawyers, or charges indefinitely where in Bush Administrations reading of the Constitution did Habeas Corpus go? The last straw however, may be your failure to mention the Bush administration's gutting of the Fourth Amendment through is annihilation of the FISA protections, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Giving the open microphone policies of the Telcom's retroactive immunity? Didn't you get the memo - they are listening in on everyone. Can you say, "NO FLY LIST" The Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court was prevented from flying America's skies.. (His name appeared on the BUSH ADMINSTRATION'S NO FLY LIST)

So before you go casting charges at President elect Obama, have some facts - it would be a real change. You might try, if you want to write something you know, that might actually be, you know, be fact based.

Rick Spisak
democratic activist
Progressive, Liberal and Proud
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