Friday, January 30, 2009

President Obama

I am very proud that you have changed our country's course on many International Policies. Especially I appreciate your prompt initiative to end TORTURE, too long a blot on our country, and your equally welcome announcement that you will follow through on your campaign promise to close Guantanamo, that horrendous insult to HUMAN RIGHTS.

I feel, I must remind you of two other important promises of your administration. One that you would not turn your back on science, as the previous administration had, one more reason why the decision to remove funding for family planning is a bad one.

The second and not unrelated promise is your administration's commitment to solving America's health care emergency.

Yes the economy has been driven into a ditch, and those BONUS BURDENED BANKERS will suffer. Americans in increasing numbers are not only unemployed and increasingly homeless, but they are without any medical care whatsoever.

President Obama, the auto industry, the farmers, manufacturers and the GOLD PLATED BONUS ENCRUSTED credit and investment community needs help lest their interior decorators go without. Sir the Americans even those few fortunate enough to still have any kind of job, are without insurance, without healthcare and the emergency rooms are already overwhelmed. The hospitals upon whom this unfunded mandate falls, on are increasingly incapable of providing even minimum timely care.

DO NOT abandon American Health care needs. Do not, push it off, it is the ultimate component of the American Economy, is the American worker. Every American, white collar, blue collar and the shirtless need access to real Healthcare. Long waits in emergency rooms are no longer common, they are epidemic.

President Obama you sat at a desk face to face with unemployed Americans when you worked as a COMMUNITY ACTIVIST. How long must they wait? America cannot afford to fund bankers, while working Americans go without National, Single Payer healthcare.

We must not be postponed, you must not abandon the sons and daughters of this great country to the bureaucrats in the Insurance Industry, who earn their daily bread by denying healthcare to Americans.

In what world does it make sense, that if you have had a previous healthcare problem, that you are automatically precluded from help with ongoing medical problems. "Pre-Existing Condition is a reason not to help?"

A dedicated Obama Campaign Worker
and lifelong democrat.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
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