Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have you ever wondered?

by RW Spisak Jr.

Every time, I hear some right wing spokes-model declaim that "the reason American Automotive Manufacturers are failing is the burden of their workers medical care." Which of course they then offer to correct with the perfect prescription, Cast off those onerous contracts with bankrupcy ! Tallyho and off to the Fox Hunt in our Limos, Old Bean! I admit to being slightly puzzled.

I am puzzled that they never seem to consider the impact of the stratospheric wages and benefits, and bonuses, and perks paid to the executives. They don't seem to imagine that salaries that are tens of thousands of times greater than any paid worker, has maybe a greater relevance.

National Health Care advocates have a solution, and it certainly makes sense, that if America Healthcare was no longer tethered to employment [ask the millions whose employers do not offer health insurance] this would remove that burden. This seems to me, while accurate, is a side issue, and not precisely to the point.

Did anyone hear from the BARON'S OF BAILOUT a demand that WALL $TREET come up with a long term financial $tability plan ?? Did you hear any call for a cut in Wall $treet $alaries or even "gawd forbid" a demand that Wall $treet Investment Banker$ renounce those MILLION DOLLAR BONUSE$?
No? Hmmm, neither did I.

I'll tell you what I heard instead - I heard a Wall $treet $poke$model proclaim that they must CONTINUE the BONUSE$, because otherwise, they might loose the brilliant minds that delivered this mess! We must pay these bonuses, after all, we might not have this caliber of leadership!

No one ever seems to suggest that Wall $treet benefits need reduced. Noone asks about their LIMOS? Or asks about their excesses. Even when they take a break from begging to ba$k and bake at Million Dollar re$ort$ while ca$hing the taxpayer$ check$.

Health Care, sure that's an issue and I'm certainly no advocate of executive pay rates in Detroit, but fair is fair, any demands we make of the Auto Industry leadership before they get a tax payer funded bailout - the same demands must be included in the BAILOUT PLAN offered WALL$TREET?

Yes, and by all means, let us, as taxpayers, de-fund the Medical Insurance Industry who makes it's BLOOD MONEY finding ways to reduce American Health Care Benefits. Let's Defend American Health Care FIRST - then, after we deal with the Tyrants of Health Care Insurance, if we have some money left - we can deal with the Tyrants of the Taliban?

What do you think? the Tyrants in the Afghanistan/Pakistan Mountains? or the Tyrants who blocked your Mom's operation and put the price of your child's pills beyond your reach?
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