Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jebby and the Bidding Begins!


$enatorial $eat Open for Bid eh?

I guess you forgot, Jebby's nefarious plan to torpedo the class size limitation?

I mean really fifty points for VOCABULARY but a political leader speaking near a microphone, characterizing his OWN PLANS as nefarious?? How about Jebby the Crusader for Vouchers, determined to undermine Public Schools? Still flogging it after two defeats. Privatize everything? Sell off and privateer the State's Water Resources? Anybody remember those $tate of Florida's Inve$tments in ENRON - that really paid off?

WOW - Now that's leadership - I can really bid against.

Blogdonovich had to go some distance to TOP that one?

I got it, I understand,
Here we have one half-baked, plutocrat, neo-con, princeling who makes no bones about subverting a public referendum. Even preens about it! Not to mention cooking the voting rolls to get his genius "BOY WONDER" brother before the tweaked Supreme Court, so they could also subvert the public vote. Anybody see a pattern here?

I see, I see, he's the smart one compared to his brother -
WOW! that's some serious smirking competition.

Jebby, widely liked, sure among all the sons and daughters of the DAR - the polo set, the golf club, membership only crowd. Sure they love him, hey his daddy ran the CIA for the Alzheimer's President. And Don't forget that!!!

So - Here's my bid, I bid one high paying not for profit job for his wife, and two columnists from the Miami Herald, quick, while they still use American writers.

Anybody else have a BID?

solidarity & peace
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