Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a liberal, and progressive.

I opposed slavery while it was still "popular" and legal. I supported an end to child labor, a progressive position at the time. I proposed an end to chaining people with mental troubles in the dark dank. I supported women's right to vote. I opposed the mistreatment of American Indians and supported full voting rights for African Americans. I called for an end to Jim Crow. I even supported the radical idea of Roosevelts' to provide a small stipend called Social Security for Seniors. By the way, the republic seems to have survived quite well despite it.

The press never embraced these issues except as an opportunity to sell papers by stirring controversy. Since we are far from knowing the truth about the BUSH REGIME's MISDEEDS, there are many charges you may yet have a chance to defend George Bush from.

Is it sensible to attack the press for reporting the BUSH REGIME did everything possible to spy on Americans? Does it make any sense to attack the press for reporting on BUSH's assaults on human rights undertaken in our name, at Abu Gharib and Bhaghram and Guantanamo, and other still secret sites?

Sy Hersh, Woodward and Bernstein did not remove the weapons of mass destruction and it wasn't CBS who told General Colin Powell to lie at the UN.

The press didn't commit these crimes, and I for one do not believe that the soldiers who were ordered to use dog leashes on human beings under Commander in Chief George Bush's orders bear the sole responsibility for the humiliations, degradations, beatings and deaths delivered to prisoners in American custody. The press didn't conduct the water boarding, or the dog attacks, or the Shock and Awe bombing campaigns nor did they insist on bailing out their investment banker friends on Wall Street, while demanding that regular working Americans pay for those Million Dollar Salaries and Platinum Parachutes.

You might as well blame the press for Custer's massacre for simply reporting the facts. Did the New York Times or GASP even Faux News force the GOVERNOR of Alaska to dress her husband and kids in the finest Neiman Marcus designer duds? Did the evil New York Times demand the Thriller from Wasilla pack $150,000.00 of expensive clothes in her tiny, unused mental valise?

Even given the misdeeds of Corporate Media we cannot blame them, for either the Cheney Bush crimes nor the implosion and intellectual bankrupcy of the McCain Campaign. I place that one also where it belongs at the muddy, bloody feet of Karl "turd-blossom" Rove. Please join me in a toast of Bitters... to the "Architect"

Letter to the Editor Stuart News

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