Sunday, July 24, 2016

PNN - the RNC - Lunar Observations


1. Ruddy Rudy - danger danger Will Robinson - beset on every side ?

2. Melannia's Melancholia and  Melodious Musings:  Accidental? Strategic? Innocent? Or Merely Similar letters used?

3. Rules committee gelds #NeverTrump faction - chair rules retreats and fades away...

4. the Trump dynasty on parade, well spoken & as yet unindicted?

5. Lil Rubio, phones it in

6. Young Ms Trump mentions "Women's Pay Equity, and Childcare" thousands of GOPPERS, gasp for cobwebs and graveyard dust!

7. Jebby, Mittsy, Kaisich, W, McCain, Ron Paul, and many others too busy to drop by?

8. Celebrities the true royalty in classless America, spread thin... Duck Dynasty denizen arrives, makes sense and is rewarded with the "DOOR" PRIZE!

9. Republican unity remains a rhetorical snort and hideous terrible bloody scream, and a thumb in the eye to anyone darker than George Hamilton, now reduced to hawking Chicken bits.

10. Different Ministers, including Greek Orthodox & an Imam offer benedictions but even religious diversity is thin soup for the nativists and America firsters.

11. Peter Theil brings in Silicon Valley metallic voice and proud LGBTQ PRIDE the podium receives an extensive exorcism afterward.

12. Calls to FREE American Enterprise from the heavy hand of REGULATION requiring safe foods and medicines ... And let us in this new day, allow AMERICAN COMMERCE to pollute like they used to in backwater (black water) CHINA
- then mi BOYO - you'll see some profits (pollution)

13. Teddy boy "Missile" Cruz congratulates but does NOT endorse ( thanks NY delegation for their enthusiasm ) but the "boos" have it whether purchased or "innocently spontaneous" operatives scurry, like hand painted cockroaches throughout the Cancerous Cavalcade. Many pundits notice.

14. DebDeb drops by ? Like a a mcDonalds burger of Roadkill,  on the thanksgiving sideboard.

15. WikiLeaks applies a timely cold compress to backstage jimmying of the primary vote? Corporate Media doesn't hear a thing. (LAH-LAH-LAH- hands over ears)

16. "Jail her" common refrain from Chris Christie? Bill of Indictment or just a menu?
 Hill can expect a litigation rich presidency. Lawyers $alivate in enthusiastic anticipation.

17. Sheriff Joe Arpaio emphasized the importance of joining together to enforce our laws. Looks in vain backstage for a prisoner to mistreat - settles on Chris Christie!

18. Speaker Paul Ryan outlines a GOP agenda, crowd wonders who let in the crypt-dwelling bloodless vegan ?

19. Madame Secretary has a bridge to sell Chris Christie TRAFFIC IS REROUTED

20. Angelita Jolie's dad, offers to argue over a stool, only sells the ambulatory senile?

21. Donald Trump outlined his path to “Make America Grape Again” and a return to a nation that respects law and order or at least TANG!

22. Donny offers to put NATO on a pay as you go basic... The Baltics start studying Russian

23. Donny the T offers to settle Isis's Hash PDQ. (Is overnight fast enough?)

24. T-Man - Blames China for stealing all our factories during the dark of the night, while Americas back was turned. And the guard dog was on vacation.

25. Pense selected as VP, half a heart beat away, promises to pray quietly in the corner and not make a fuss over his hedonistic model toting boss man.

22. Trump threatens to return to C TOWN - Thank you Cleveland. We love you and will be back many times! DJT Cleveland shudders

22. Trump defended his retweeting of a controversial side-by-side image of Melania Trump and Cruz's wife, Heidi, and also defended his linking Cruz's father to John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald based on a National Enquirer Story. FAUX NOOSE SOURCE

23. Ailes under attack for "doing what he's been doing for 1/2 a century"  kills his desk lamp at faux - inbound  Murdock Youngster promise to abandon, their money making/ pandering ways??? Ailes heads to Trump-Town?

24. T-Party darling Senator Jeff Session says: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions,. R-Ala.,called Trump's speech a "powerful address."
"It was a powerful address. It exceeded my expectations," he said.

Sessions also praised Trump's mention of the LGBTQ community:

"He crystalized his clear intention that every community deserves protections."

25. Political Correctness - too expensive for America - DJT

26. "I have a message for all of you: The crime and violence that afflicts our nation will soon -- and I mean very soon -- come to an end. Beginning on January 20 of 2017, safety will be restored."

27. From Donny's Acceptance Speech: "After 15 years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent, thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: Death, destruction, terrorism and weakness." - ( accidentally factual millions marvel)


Delegates to the Convention: 2,472
Longest Acceptance Speech

Kaine Mutiny of the Corporatists
. Democracy for America, a progressive political action committee founded by Howard Dean, called Kaine’s recent support for different regulatory standards on regional and community banks “disqualifying.”

The Intercept’s Ziad Jilani argued that Kaine’s “measured praise” for the Trans-Pacific Partnership means that “by picking him, Clinton is signaling that her newly declared opposition to the agreement is not sincere ( DUH!)

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