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PNN - Rick Neuhoff's Special Report - The Orlando Platform Meeting

Democrats believe that LGBT rights are human rights and that American foreign policy should advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security

$15/hr will be in the platform (LISTEN)

Democrats will expand SS so every American can retire with dignity and respect, including those who have been discriminated against in the work place; wo

Alan Grayson's"Give seniors a raise" COLA adjustment will NOT be in the platform... "Democrats will support a fully developed CPI for the elderly" the 2.9%
Seniors Deserve a Raise

A Palestinian male nurse wearing blue surgical scrubs spoke out and continued  speaking out, police calmed him and Nina Turner reassured him, he sat down

Cornel West spoke POWERFULLY for Palestinian Rights 
that Sam Palestinian male nurse started yelling again, joined by a white male and as they left, joined by a Palestinian girl

Education options for low income students. Democrats oppose Charter schools. Higher accountability for Charter schools. Level the playing field for all s

Strengthen AmeriCorps

Native Americans should be represented in the federal government to properly reflect their needs, including senior level position in White House Domestic

Agriculture and Family Farms are the lifeblood of their states. As Dems, we encourage programs to protect and enhance a cherished way of life for million

We will work to build a stronger rural and agricultural economy and to mitigate negative effects of industrial agriculture operations.... Will appear in 

Dems will continue to oppose Republican attempts to cut public health... Unanimously approved 

We will promote best practices among local law enforcement, how the collaborate with federal authorities to better build trust in the communities they serve


Alaska natives and native American Indians will host a White House Tribal Nations Conference annually... Unanimously approved 

Dems support efforts for self governance and self determination of Native Hawaiians. We support proactive actions of the federal government to enhance Native Hawaiian culture, health, language and education.  Unanimously approved 

Arts funding and education... National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities and programs providing art and music education... Unanimously approved

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun makers and sellers now enjoy... Unanimously approved

Dems will fight for lower prices on medication. - This will appear in the platform 

We will repeal the excise tax on high cost health insurance and find revenue to offset it - because we need to contain the long term growth of health care

That's a vote against Single Payer

This is the vote against Josh Fox's original Ban Fracking amendment  

Drivers license and in-state college tuition for undocumented DREAMers Will appear in the platform. Unanimously approved 

Then there was an amendment about removing Lead and creating jobs to replace lead pipes which passed unanimously 

Education options for low income students. Democrats oppose Charter schools. Higher accountability for Charter schools. Level the playing field for all students
Every student should be able to go to college debt free and working families should not have to pay any tuition to go to college - higher education is a right 

We support and National Commission on digital security and encryption to bring together technology and public safety communities to address the needs of 

We support and National Commission on digital security and encryption to bring together technology and public safety communities to address the needs of 
law enforcement, protect the privacy and security of all Americans that use text, assess how innovation might point to new policy approaches, and advance

Great, we will bomb Iran and spy on Americans, woo hoo

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[7/15/16, 4:28:03 PM] 

Rick Neuhoff: I was an active participant in the DNC Platform Writing Committee in Orlando and I only expected to be a guest/observer

First, you’ve got to understand that this Platform is built of goals.  

There is nothing binding any candidate to make any of these goals come to fruition.  Having said that, this is the most progressive platform since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  My point here is that even the language that we may not have been able to make stronger is still a thousand times better than anything the GOP train wreck would stick us with.

I just want to say that I am standing with Bernie Sanders and following his lead to continue building our numbers within the Democratic Party so we can gain more and more influence over policy and legislation.  

It’s important to understand the balance within the Platform Writing Committee to understand the outcome.  There were a little over 100 Clinton Supporters and 70 Bernie Supporters, so the only way that any progressive Platform amendment language passed was with votes from Hillary Supporters. It saddens me to say it that way, but the fact is that the Democratic Party is divided, but often finds ways to work together.  See why we need you to get more involved within the Party?

The fact is that Progressives are the true Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, and then there are the centrists whose votes at demonstrate that they are actually the old-style Republicans, the ones Democrats were able to communicate with and get things done with. 

Then you’ve got the GOP Trump train-wreck who are actually extreme right-wing fringe extremists.  So many Republicans have jumped ship and joined the Democratic Party because their party is imploding and now they are in our ranks. 

I also want to say that Hillary is now campaigning to the LEFT of the platform. She is calling for an expansion to Social Security and she is now also campaigning against TPP.  I ask all of you to call your Congressman and tell them NO TPP in the “Lame Duck” because Obama wants TPP.

With that in mind, this is how the Platform Writing Committee meetings went.
Senator Nina Turner’s language calling for $15/hr minimum wage and the right to join a union was accepted.

Language calling to fight every effort to cut or diminish Social Security was adopted.

Language to place Mortgage Loan information in the public domain and take that control away from banks failed.  

Language to expand Social Security failed.  

BUT then a streamlined version of the language focusing on women was adopted.

A version of Alan Grayson’s “Seniors Deserve a Raise” Failed and we were chanting SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.  This is about a Cost Of Living Adjustment for seniors that would be based on the financial needs of seniors instead of being linked to the financial needs of working families. 

 Committee members wearing Patrick Murphy stickers were GIDDY as we chanted SHAME, SHAME, SHAME and watched the vote make this language fail.

I am happy to say that language to close tax loopholes that benefit millionaires and billionaires did pass and will appear in the platform.

Language calling for the Federal Reserve to be a fully public institution was adopted after a “roll call vote”.

Language promoting “Build America Bonds” to raise funds, to create jobs, while revitalizing State and Local infrastructure was adopted.

Language acknowledging the CLIMATE EMERGENCY passed and will appear in the platform. Language encouraging State specific financial institutions, failed.

Language supporting the auto industry will appear in the platform. Language defending the Export-Import Bank, aka the “Bank of Boing” did pass.  This language is nothing but corporate welfare.

Language focusing on creating good jobs across America, entrepreneurship and innovation passed and will be in the platform.

Computer Science Education in High School curriculum passed.

Strong language calling for High Speed Broadband, 5G and Transformative Technologies enabling the “internet of things” will be in the platform.  That’s when machines talk to machines.  I’m not making references to the Terminator movies, this is real world tech… smart homes, smart cars, smart power grid.  Sounds great except in placed like Westworld, ever see that movie?  That’s where nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…

Language to strengthen NASA will be in the platform.  

Language supporting small business and entrepreneurship by cutting red tape passed.  This one sounded like it came right from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

That’s where we stopped for the night, well it was actually 1:40 in the morning.
We started the next day with Jim Hightower’s language against the Trans Pacific Partnership that failed.

The other TPP language, calling to NOT support the TPP during President Obama’s “lame duck” session also failed.


They voted to combine two additional TPP amendments into one and it calls for any trade agreement to protect workers and the environment while easing access to prescription drugs.  The unions all spoke in favor of this, AFSCME, Machinists Union, Teamsters, American Federation of Teachers saying things like “We want FAIR Trade NOT Free Trade”.  Ben Jealous tried adding the phrase “that’s why we oppose the TPP”.  Cornel West added his voice in solidarity with Bernie Sanders and in opposition to TPP.

Chants of SHAME, SHAME, SHAME filled the air when language opposing TPP Failed.  Ben Jealous called for party unity.

Jim Hightower said, “Speak the truth and ride a fast horse”… “Even dummy Trump would kill the TPP” … “TPP will be forever. Future Presidents, future congress cannot undo TPP” then Hightower supporters brought in 36 cartons of petitions against TPP.
When the Hightower amendment failed, a couple dozen walked out in protest along with several Union leaders. Check #Hightower and see the twitter explosion that happened.

Language calling to support stronger criminal laws and stronger criminal penalties to be applied to Wall Street criminals failed and will NOT appear in the platform.
Calling Dodd-Frank “Historic” will appear in the platform.  Language calling to stop Republican efforts to hamstring regulators through budget cuts did pass.
Language for the “Robin Hood Tax” failed.  

That’s Bernie Sanders idea based on legislation he introduced with Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Rep. Keith Ellison that would add a surtax on all trades done by hedge funds, investment banks and speculators. Stock trades would be taxed at one half of one percent, bond trades would be taxed at one tenth of one percent and derivatives would be taxed at half on one hundredth of a percent.  Small change that evidently adds up very, very quickly.

Language calling to stand against corporate lobbyists and the Citizens United decision failed.  People were shouting “Corporate Whores!!!” Stronger support calling to End All War News Censorship failed.

Both Hillary and Bernie agreed on language supporting antitrust laws and against consolidation of economic and political power, reinvigorating the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission enforcement of antitrust laws.  Clinton supporters gave Bernie supporters a standing ovation.

Language calling for no one to be able to avoid paying their fair share of taxes by hiding money overseas was passed.

Language ensuring election officials comply with all protections in the Voting Rights Act passed unanimously.

Nancy Jacobson, parliamentarian of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida proposed an amendment against partisan and racial gerrymandering … it failed.

Language to update the Help America Vote Act fund replacement of outdated voting machines passed unanimously and Senator Nina Turner thanked Hillary supporters for participating in the NEW Democratic Party.  The applause was thunderous.

Do you know Nomiki Konst?  She’s a progressive video blogger..
[7/15/16, 4:28:12 PM] Rick Neuhoff: let me run to the bathroom

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