Sunday, September 16, 2012

Koch Brothers Movie in a Church?

Responding to a L2E in the Stuart News Decrying the showing of the Greenwald film EXPOSING THE KOCH BROTHERS... I decided to let a little light into a narrow mind.

If you learned anything about the Unitarian Universalists you might have learned they pride themselves on being open minded and having the intellectual stamina to be able to hear and then weigh a range of opinions. They believe themselves capable of finding a commonality of interests in the widest range of religious perspectives.

Why would they show a film that undertook to expose the Koch Brothers money behind so much of what is intended to pass for "t" party "grass roots" activity like providing funding for printings, gatherings, buses, national conferences.

Some of us, are concerned about the subversion of the regulations that protect Americans from corporate greed and its collateral damage to air, and water. Now we face a new pollution, a poisoning of the voting process itself.

We see the fruit of the Citizens United decision whose fallout is a new American Political landscape no longer "One Man, One Vote", it has become "One Dollar one Vote". And when the "filthy" rich exercise that Money-Muscle not just to sell product but instead to promulgate legislation across the country with an agenda that has in state after state distorted policies in wide areas of civic life, this distorts civic life.

Besides the privatization of civic resources we see in story after story, add in a new sanitized "Jim Crow" which places a new series of voter registration hurtles to severely constrain poor and minority voters. This in addition to purges of voter rolls all funded and promoted by the Koch Brothers and their Ugly Implementation Engine ALEC.

See the hand of ALEC and its mass-marketing of a nation-wide RIGHTWING legislative agenda, powered by rivers of cash flowing from the Koch Brothers. Their agenda stretches back to their father's Birch Society.

Its seems the Koch Brothers and their allies have decided on the stealthier path rather than foment an armed coup, they decided to just purchase a legislative agenda, BUY the Voting Machines, Fund the Lawmakers and then privatize the whole country placing it in the cool dark place in the center of their dark political hearts. They have purchased an "E" ticket for all Americans, and plotted a oneway trip back to the feudal age.

Many of us, think that the best first response is to educate Americans so they understand what direction, these people and their allies have chosen for our once great nation. Maybe, if we are informed, it can be stopped.

Que Bono?  (Who benefits?)
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