Sunday, September 30, 2012

Despite Mitts Campaign, they think they'll WIN!

The only way they can win, is the voter fraud they accused us of. 

And the little thing called OWNERSHIP and CONTROL of the VOTING technology. 

They clearly don't want the female voter, and they've demonstrated again and again the same goes for the black or brown voter, and despite the inadvertent truth Mittsy spoke in Boca.  A lot of that remaining 54% is made of those aforementioned voters. 

Remember Mitts immigrant control plan was "Voluntary Emigration" which when he proposed it was regarded widely as a joke. After all they have voluntarily came here!

So since anyone can see he's not breaking a sweat - in this Republican Stroll to the election. They seem to be acting like its in the bag. What's worse is they think they can conceal this pending  corporate coup. Maybe they plan to pretend, just like Bush 2 "Hey, it's a legit election:. 

Honey "Katey bar the door" we're going to see a RIGHTWING AGENDA with corporatists & theocrats RUNNING WILD  with the Standard "Wars a Poppin"  theme.
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