Tuesday, February 01, 2011


In Support of L2E by Vicki Impoco
"Focus On Jobs, Not Violating Women's Constitutional Rights" 

How can these "legislators" say with any seriousness that a government mandate for health care is an unconstitutional but that these same republican lawmakers can decide what medical care insurance companies can cover. They seem to think they have been empowered to remake every Floridians' reproductive choices, in their own image.
"HB 321 by Rep. Trujillo (R-115) would ban abortion post 20 weeks unless necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman. Rep. Trujillo's bill would force a woman to carry an anechephalic fetus (no brain) and other horrific fetal anomalies even when a fetus is not viable to term.

HB 415 by Rep. Charles Van Zant (R-30) This legislation would ban abortion in Florida with limited exceptions for the life of the mother (certified by two physicians). Survivors of rape, sexual assault and incest would be forced to carry a pregnancy to term against their will."

These legislators, these Government Bureaucrats, (for those of you who need this translated into Tea-Party language.) They seek to overrule a woman's judgment.
They think they know better, than every woman in Florida. They seek to IMPOSE their personal religious judgment on every Floridian, born and unborn.

This hypocrisy is a perfect example of standard republic "thinking". Whatever they disagree with is unconstitutional, but whatever over-reach, excess, and judicial activism suits them, is just fine.

Ms. Impoco is if anything too polite. Imagine for a second, how these men might react, if some government official decided, that it suited their private judgment, they must cultivate a spare kidney for harvest and put their own life at risk, in some STATE MANDATED MEDICAL PROCEDURE?

I can see the misspelled signs even now.

Florida Women, tell these Legislators they do not OWN your WOMBS, and they cannot Constitutionally control your reproductive life. TELL THEM - HANDS OFF MY WOMB!

RW Spisak
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