Thursday, February 24, 2011

WI Union Workers call for National Work Stoppage!

Friends there is no longer time to dress like a progressive,  look like progressives, discussion time has passed. In the party, out of the party, it's irrelevant. It's time to work together. We must support each other they are out to smash the last solid unions left in America it is a unified campaign to finally destroy what remains of the middle class.

They are in it to WIN, and your wages, your jobs, your pensions and healthcare are just so much collateral damage as they finalize their plan to gut the middle class. I feel sorriest for the bozo's who blame the teachers those underpaid sobs, and the inspectors who protect their food supply their workplaces, and garbage men who clean the streets. They are not the enemy.

They want you confused and blaming the immigrants, the poor, the unions; everyone who like the middle class are victims of the class warfare they have cleverly disguised with their advertising and the faux news spokes models.

THE WALL STREET BANERS with their double dealing Insurance and Mortgage buddies who write unreadable contracts, so carefully crafted in such tiny slippery print, that an army of lawyers and an electron microscope couldn't protect you.

Rapacious rates on your credit cards after you already paid to bail out the companies? Mortgage bankers who only write deals that would be theft, if the law wasn't twisted into a pretzel to protect them. (Don't choke Georgie) Wall streeters master criminal - all walking around scott free with bonuses that you couldn't ear in thirty lifetime. Criminals so outside and above the law, that they each have their own pet legislators to write laws that can grab your future swing it around over their heads until your dizzy, then wring every penny out of it.

Your wallet and your children's future is definitely on the table, and their not using scalpels their using chain-saws.
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