Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where else are you going to go?

As long as we have no answer when Max Baucus, Rahm Emmanuel, Bill Clinton, Robert Gibbs and their ilk, say "where else are you going to go?" And we have no answer, they can smugly ignore us, pick our pockets and stab us in the back.

Its long, long passed time when progressives need to
find that answer and create an alternative. We need to stop worrying like the tea party never did, that we are not the majority. We are the future, we have been the party of the future for hundreds of years.

We ended factory abuses, put an end to child labor. Ended slavery, except under rocks of agri-business. Helped women get the franchise and have been in the forefront of any important improvement since John sat down in Runymede and was forced with a stroke of his pen to drive a stake through the heart of the
Divine Right of Kings.

Now we must organize regionally and then hold a national convention. We must draft the planks of our platform priorities and give the working class the real alternative they need desperately. They can expect nothing more than lip service from the sellout Corporate Democrats. Also we can no longer allow our agenda to be framed only by the likes of FOX NEWS and Breitbart. America needs a true and honest platform that working men and women  can compare directly to more of the same Wall Street Bailouts and more WAR PROFITEERING benefiting only munitions manufacturers, petroleum polluters
and mercenaries, while pouring the lives of young American men and women down the rat hole of their profits and multi-million dollar bonuses.

I must introduce two people are working right now to lay the ground work for this National Progressive Movement, one is Ms. Mikki Royce is working on the county and regional level helping progressive activists and organizations to work together through a system of regional round tables.

This facilitates cooperative effort and fosters cooperative efforts so necessary in these fractured, fragile communities. This month Mikki is  working on regional organizing on the east coast and is teaming up with other like minded organizers to duplicate her southern strategy with activists across the mid and far west. [You can contact Mikki Royce to support her efforts ]

Another "global-minded" progressive organizer is Rob Alston, a software engineer and systems analyst who has a similar vision to cultivate a national network of progressive media activists. He has begun to implement with cooperative activists from the heartland, Missouri, Texas and Tenesee to the Northwest (Washington and Oregon) and activists in the deep south (Florida and Louisiana). Rob's focus is on a dual model of assisting regional activists to create alternative media centers by cultivating technical media skills among progressive activists. [The activist community needs an alternative to Corporate Media]

Helping regional activists to develop these media skills, helping them to use Internet Streaming Media as well as alternative television and radio models. Rob sees an energized and cooperative network of regional activists that can provide a vital media alternative to corporate mouthpiece media. Rob also plans on combining with the media component a "JAYCEES-like" leadership building and community service component giving young adults and seniors ways of growing a more humane civic model. [Rob can be contacted at ]

Activists like these and other similarly minded activists need to prepare, NOW not in some dim distant future for a national progressive convention, where planks of a political agenda can be hammered out and candidates surfaced to offer Americans in 2012, an alternative to the theocrats and corporate drones of the republican party and the soulless sellouts who have captured  the purse strings and the agenda of the corporatist shills of the democratic party.

We don't have time to lament 2010, the year the corporatists took open power, we have a future to build. Which side are you on?

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
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