Thursday, October 16, 2008

Un-asked Questions in 4 debates?

by RW Spisak

1. What assurances can you offer the American that you will return to a Constitutional form of Government with a renewed respect for the Bill of Rights and the balance of power that has been eroded in the last ten years.

2.And can you commit to the American people that you have a respect for Habeas Corpus that was sorely lacking in the last so-called President or unitary executive, as "shadow or prime minister" Cheney might style it.

3. Can we still honor our 4th Amendment and fight International stateless opponents? Or must we amend our Constitution to reflect the complete gutting of the privacy guarantees enshrined in the 4th Amendment?

4. Must American security depend on Homeland Securities bloated ineffective unappealable "WATCHLIST" and grandmothers removing their shoes in airports across America?

5. Do you believe that American security requires we torture, and the abandonment of our commitment to the Geneva Conventions?

6. Will your presidency require the profligate use of "signing statements" to LEGISLATE from the Executive Office?

7. What is our medium and long term goal in Afghanistan, a 5 or 10 year occupation?

8. What is a "WIN" in Iraq? in Afghanistan?

9. What tools beside military threats do you see as useful with Iran?

10. Are secret cross border raids adequate policy to solve the problems with raids from Pakistan tribal areas?

11. Is occupation of Pakistan on your short list of tools to remove Taliban encampments in Pakistan?

12. Will you close Guantanamo, Bhagram and America's secret prisons, and allow Red Cross/Red Crescent access to all detains under American custody.

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
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