Thursday, October 30, 2008


Is that all they got?

This is the honorable respectful campaign, that the good Senator promised us?

It seems that McCain honored ACORN, before he scorned it.
McCain honored Professor Khalidi before he scorned him, he demanded more experience until he "discovered" Ms. Palin, whose foreign policy experience might be outshone by the "C" history student.

He opposed regulation and redistribution of wealth, before he shut down his sputtering slime-splashed machine of a CAMPAIGN to nearly RUSH to Washington, and redistributed $750 Tax-Payer Billions to his De-Regulated WALL STREET buds.

Now that's redi$tribution he can really get behind.

And when he waves his experience around - He was opposed to TORTURE when it was himself, until BUSHIE said he just can't go to WAR without it. And since he's been BUSHIES HUGGABLE lapdog for just 90% of the last 8 years.

And since they've taught us that the best argument for his election is that Senator Obama knew some characters.

What about McCain's REAL-Friends G. Gordon (WATERGATE) Liddy and Richard (CONTRAS) Secord who actually did subvert our government from within, AND they didn't just share a panel on education in Chicago. Sen. McCain did spend his "quality time" and did seek them in particular out mano a mano - because he wanted to be near them just like his other two chums he did ACTUALLY PAL AROUND WITH. "W" and Lieberman who he found kissably and huggably soft.

Now thats pal'n around!

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