Sunday, July 09, 2017

PNN - Defending Civilization

PNN - Defending Civilization 
Brook Hines our Senior Political Commentator, discusses the latest foibles of the party whose new slogan is "We're Not Him!" Reading the "D" leaves is no easy task.  But BROOK BRINGS IT!

We welcome these staunch defenders of civilization:
Denis Campbell Internationally renown, Progressive Journalist, publisher of the UK Progressive, and Host and Producer of the Three Muckrakers. (On iTunes). 

We also welcome another defender of Civilization Keith McHenry one of the founders of Food Not Bombs, discusses the growing and increasingly criminalized poor and homeless. 

We welcome Anna Eskamani, New Candidate for Florida House District 47, a women's rights and human rights activist currently a doctoral fellow and long time Reproductive Rights advocate with Planned Parenthood, as she addresses today's issues for Central Florida.

We all urge : Don't Mourn ORGANIZE - 
Do not Succumb to TRUMP FATIQUE - 

The battle is bigger than one Buffoon. even that the forces that made him the figurehead - 
He's just the front man for the forces that would enslave us all.
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