Saturday, December 24, 2016



(How did it Happen?)

A well and carefully cultivated political ignorance.
Solid media performances as Les Moonves of CBS said, he's great for us, regardless of how it works out for the country. 

A special naïveté that equated "a different" leader with a "better" leader.
A disgust among many, a near universal dissatisfaction with a completely coopted political system that they mistook for deadlocked when it was simply a system slowly shaking off the final restraints holding back corporate governance that serves the one percent openly.
The question that remains is, will those of us aware of what has transpired find adequate footing to reclaim the noble experiment in self-government and equality.

Or will it be instead, too difficult, our allies too divided. And finally once and for all will the Bill of Rights slip completely from our grasp. 

Will the children of tomorrow be trained only as serfs and servants. And literacy recede further while access to healthcare becomes a memory and a special "condition" granted only to the blood royal.

And like the peasant said to the collector of the dead - We're not Dead Yet!
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