Sunday, November 27, 2016

PNN - Ground Truth, Native News,
Water Blues, Trumps New Choose

JOIN US and these special guests:
Dezeray - On Standing Rock and Palestinian Rights
Jeannie Economos, of the FARMWORKERS ASSOCIATION and her colleague Antonio will discuss the effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Farm Workers and their families
Scott Smith Chief Scientist of  Water Defense will discuss the Phosphate Mine leak and FLINT Michigans' continuing poisonous waters.
Brook Hines Senior Political Commentator  will address the feints, foibles, and folderol of the INCOMING IDIOCRACY and their visible magnificent and mendacious minions.
Ms. Stapleton from Adelaide has unfortunately succumbed and is under the weather she'll join us in the weeks ahead!

We may have some good news in the near FUTURE - the Florida Media Labs maybe expanding our offerings in the coming weeks ahead!

Solidarity & Peace

Rick Spisak News Director PNN
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