Wednesday, March 09, 2016

MISSING THE FORESTS for a few purchased trees

A response to a friends essay in defense of Maple Trees
and in opposition to a pipeline

The critical distinction that rejects the commodification of an ecological system must be a first step in the defense against the creeping industrialization of the planet and our very lives. 
When "special masters" calculate that so many deaths, or so much poisoning equates to so many pounds, francs or dollars we have joined the conspiracy to "cash out" our planet. 
It was once a radical idea of the enlightenment to propose we are what we eat , it was also once an equal radical concept to shift our emphasis of focus from the individual flower, field or watershed and see instead an ecological system even a forest of a swamp or a mountain range that only really  "works" because it lives collaboratively, interlocked and symbiotically sharing an environmental niche. 
A single plant or tree in misunderstood when taken in the artificial unit as a single entity, that is an artificial construct and is just as false as a single human is poorly comprehended when taken out of its social and cultural context.
Making a special proof of that ancient aphorism, "not seeing the forest, for the trees".  Human life itself, is incomprehensible when contemplated as nothing more than a change purse worth of chemical compounds, and equally true a lake,  a river, a forest can have no "dollar value". 
> It is as we are priceless. 

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