Sunday, September 20, 2015

PNN - Peace Work

PNN 9/20/15

Brook Hines
of the Democratic Progressive Caucus  / Orange Squeeze

Luis Cuevas
Executive Director of Progressive Push

Sue Thompson
Photojournalist from Global Peace Network

Renee Shaker
Writer/Essayist and Economic Researcher

Gwen Holden Barry
Producer of Here be Monsters

Lori Price 

Meredith Ockman 
SE Regional Director N.O.W.

Anita Steward 
Soil and Water Board

Round Table ……………….7:55pm

Tax Policy - (republican priorities vs bernie/hillary)
Voting Integrity [paperless / outdates / hackable]
Legislative Scofflaws [gerrymandering]
European Refugees [libya / iraq / afghanistan / kurdistan / yemen & syria]
European Refugees - [strain on european solidarity / borderless europe]
European Refugees - [economic impact / rise of xenophobia / racism]
European Refugees - [American & British response]
Ukraine and NATO - [destabilizing Russia / Ukraine / Eastern Europe / Baltic States]
US - Syria / Iraq / Libya / Yemen [invisible foreign policy  military or diplomatic ?]
Iran Treaty Update - republican don’t want lunch or treaties
North Korea Up Armoring - food policy or???
Japan forced to renounce Peace - restart armies & nuclear plants?
When will the West confront the Poisoning of the Pacific from Fukushima?
Senator Sanders and Labour’s Corbyn (Bernies Shadow Cabinet anyone?)
DWS and Democratic Debates - is one enough are four, three too many?
Will the next next democratic president be able to put some steel in the EPA spine?
Will the next republican president gut EPA?
Will OBAMA Post presidency look more like (Reagan or Carter model)
Whither Planned Parenthood - fundraiser & devastation for young American families
Drone Policy of the Candidates? domestic and foreign ?
Drones over Montana? What impact - armed drones in US Skies
MS Windows 10 and ANTI-PRIVACY Defaults

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