Thursday, November 22, 2012


Mr. Robertson, you have a very curious attitude about the majority of Americans who elected President Obama.

Obviously you are blissfully unaware of the RIGHTWING MILLIONAIRES funded attempts to restrict voting in 37 states across this great nation. You may also have noticed the KOCH brother (heirs to their John Birch Society dad ) Citizen United decision that unleashed "secret" corporate funding that also tried to swamp the election in RIGHT-WING Money.

I am puzzled about your mentioning race, since we on the (PROGRESSIVE - SIDE) of the American Political Scene have been assured that RACISM is not a part of the RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE AGENDA. Maybe you are the sole exception.

You might try to get used to the idea, that Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans Eastern Europeans and even Women, have the right to vote. Its been that way for several years now, check you desk, you probably have the memo.

I was surprised though by your comment "We're in for four more years of incompetence and bad governance"

I remember a republican president, one obviously forgotten at the Tampa extravaganza who joked about his lie that was the foundation of the WAR on IRAQ. [Which cost well over 5 thousand American lives and UNCOUNTED Iraqi lives.] Do you remember his joking video appearance when he made light of looking for the WMDs. It was so cute when he ducked his head under his desk, and said, WMDs not here. And when you combine that with IGNORING the THREAT of OSAMA and allowing the ATTACKS on New York, and the Pentagon? ((so much worse than Benghazi - don't you think?))

Now that and crashing the ECONOMY - that's some mighty big INCOMPETENCE SKILLS to Compete Against eh?

Another of your interesting comments - "It appears that a coalition of various left-wingers, unionists, welfare moochers, racist minorities and man-less women, mostly concentrated in the urban cesspools of America, has pulled President Barack Obama over the finish line."

When you say, urban cesspools your referring to the great cities of America? When you decry UNIONISTS - you must be one of the Americans who rejected the UNIONS PROGRESSIVE AGENDA when during the last Century. they fought so that every American might have a WEEKEND, A PAID VACATION, and a forty hour work week. Obviously you never enjoyed any of those hard won union perks.

"Truly Bastille day for America." - I have to gently chide you on this one though, Bastille Day here in America will come when the victimless crime of MARIJUANA usage, no longer clogs the FOR PROFIT PRISON INDUSTRY. That will be Bastille Day, when the crook, who steals 1 million dollars faces the same JUSTICE as the petty thief who steals $20. That my friend, would be Bastille Day. When corporate polluters who steal health and life from the poor who lives near their TOXIC DUMPS are treated as the criminals they are, That Mr. Robertson, would be BASTILLE DAY in America.

"There is little hope of intelligent problem-solving leadership from the White House."
Do you mean to suggest that the gaggle of republicans who sought the Republican ticket none of whom understood the Scientific Concepts of either Evolution or Climate Change could provide more intelligent answers, maybe they could PRAY the BUSH WAR DEBT away, or dip it in HOLY WATER and maybe it might Shrink.

You summation really requires a rebuttal -
"The corrupt left-wing media are predicting the demise of the Republican Party and suggesting that to survive the party will have to offer a platform attractive to black/brown transgendereds who need contraceptives and free marijuana and want a path to citizenship with full welfare benefits."

By corrupt left wing media you obviously refer to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, MONEY MAGAZINE, CNN, ABC/DISNEY - or do you refer to the one cable channel that doesn't solely read from the REICH-WING HYMNAL? MSNBC - If you give them credit, believe me their AD Revenues will certainly increase.

Obviously the republican candidates who again and again, believe they can define RAPE and decide for WOMEN when they can have access even to information about their own bodies had nothing to do with the elections loss. The suggestion that all the Hispanics should be either rounded up, or will magically SELF-DEPORT - We left wingers still like that one. I suspect the NATIVE AMERICANS might hope that all those pesky EUROPEANS might SELF-DEPORT TOO... Except they are too sensible.

When you go on, and on about races, and transgenders, you only show how utterly uneducated you are. Humanity has for weeks now, come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and even sexual types. Check your Bible, Read your Socrates and Aristotle or even the Code of Hammurabi. But you probably shouldn't read Plutarch on the lives of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, you might be shocked.

But please continue to speak out after all, we enjoy keeping track of the gradual evolution of your moral understanding.

You mention the fine young men like Congressman Ryan and Senator Rubio in your party's future (PS RUBIO IS HISPANIC not Italian American) we know the laughs will keep on coming.

"At least the "moochers" know what they want!" This time I suppose your complement seems to suggest, that your part of the American spectrum of Opinion, is not quite certain they're somehow unclear, do they want a serial Monogamist, like Newtie or an 11th Century Biblical Scholar like the HUCK or a Unreconstructed KNOW-NOTHING like that Texas Governor, who had a three point plan that he could remember at least two-points of.

Yet you (republicans) have so much to offer America - a return to JIM CROW a "BACK TO BAREFOOT & PREGNANT" agenda for WOMEN and an ALL WAR Foreign Policy - So much - So Much - But lets see, Billionaires, versus Union Carpenters - Who can slosh more democracy into the American Future.

As a Progressive - I can tell you - We'll be here! And if our Socialist Healthcare plans become a fact of life. You might be here too!

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