Monday, May 28, 2012

Veterans Day, Victims's Day,

Veterans Day, with reverence and respect for
all Victims of War 

I believe that our country and many others, are far too cavalier about the expenditure of it's human capital. My experience of the military during the Viet Nam War, and my knowledge of history, taught me that while many seek to serve honorably, there is no honor to be found, serving Imperial Needs.

There is a reason, I think that many recruits must be RE-PROGRAMMED to make murder acceptable. Even murder to protect their brothers and sisters, under arms, and their homes and families, there is something beautiful about the fact that even in the heat of battle, many are fully aware, that the people, they have been ordered to kill, are people just like themselves, with mothers, and children and sweethearts, just like themselves.

I know too much about genocide, too much about the means and purposes of war, to glorify war, and I feel sympathy, and support for those who under noble banners, were sent too casually to do murder for the Oligarchs and Plutocrats.

I never blame the average soldier, I honor, their sacrifice, without providing any sanction to the inhuman ghouls, that set-them to kill, and occupy the lands and natural resources, of others. The history of the centuries of casual warfare, drenched in the blood of young men and women, is a sorry affair, and a fit subject for mourning and reflection. I would happier, celebrate Native American Day, or Emancipation Day, than celebrate the work of war, and its victims, on every side.

The reason for the pomp, and the uniforms, is to make each soldier part of a non-individualized machine, and thus not-responsible for the mayhem, he or she has wreaked. I do not say this, to denigrate, individual valor, or the honor of the sacrifice many have made to protect their fellows. That sacrifice was given from the best part. But there is no glory in blood lust, there is no glory in genocide, and there is nothing of the last century of war, that was intrinsically valueless, except to the merchants of death.

Celebrate victims, day, I'm with you. Celebrate landmine and napalm victims day, I'm there. I cannot celebrate, the glories of War day. Whether they were the poor men and women SENT and RESENT to Kill and Destroy, to improve access to pipelines, and minerals, and geo-political brinksmanship or the humble faceless victims, who die 50,000 feet under our bombs and missiles. I think of the poor Iraqi, under the bright night of Shock and Awe and I shudder with revulsion, at anything other than a desire to make sure those whose lives were so casually mis-spent could be made whole,  paid for by the soulless death manufacturers who profited from RUMSFELD CHENEY DEATH investment plan.

You know as do I, there are no SERIOUS plan in play to make these men and women whole, you know, the country's commitment to mental health and physical care, is an illusion. Set down the flags America, make sure these damaged men and women and their long suffering families are made whole. [There is no honest commitment by our country to do that] And as we see from scandal to scandal the real enthusiasm and focus is to repair them just enough so their lives can continue to be used to destroy this weeks enemy. WAR ON TERROR? War on Humanity, with one motive, the profit motive. And the real costs regarding the wastage of human lives, never shows up on the spreadsheet, but is written in the living flesh of families. here and abroad.

I feel pity for those mesmerized by war fever, and believe if we had a society with any "justice compass" the War Criminals who still ride in limousines, paid for with the blood of Iraqis, Yemenis, Iranians, Columbians, Venezuelans, etc, etc, etc. Oh yes and all those victimized soldiers, from every sides. Whether pushing buttons to launch a drone, or bursting into a home, and strafing the inhabitants, or just walking down a dusty street, where some would-be (anti-occupationist) has planted an improvised explosive. They are serving the wrong mission. And the sickness that visits the heart, comes from the certain knowledge that what they have seen and done, under all the banners, and beyond the best propaganda money can buy, is simply inhumane.

"the horror, the horror"
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