Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Protect Social Security for all the Mothers & Daughters

We must never ever flag in our efforts to win pay equity for women. We owe those who  bore us, those who raised and taught us. Our Grandmothers, our Mothers and Sisters, our Aunts and nieces.

Those who would strap the BUSH budget deficit to the poor with their deficit lash, must be asked, why did they only find their voice when President Obama took office. If they had spoken out against BLOODY WAR PROFITEERING. and Against the BU$H Weekend BANKER$ GETAWAY. I would pay them some respect. It was not the poor who handed out tax money to the Bankers. It was not the elderly who colluded with the ENERGY INDUSTRY to spike their profits. It was not the school children who let the Mortgage Bankers bundle American Homeowners equity into their limousines  and drove it out to their billion dollar estates.

This sudden discovery of a debt crisis that must be "fixed" by gambling with the equity in the Social Security Trust Fund... that was never be considered as part of the Federal Government debt load. And one last point on Social Security... The same crowd of spoiled rich kids and wild eyed speculators have been trying to get their filthy money  grubbing paws on since this modest protection was created by FDR. So don't tell me your surprised that they have 50 arguments as to why it must handed off to GOLDMAN $ACH$.

Yes there is a demographic bump with the Baby Boomers... but you know what ...the Baby Boomers have been paying into it their whole working lives. The cynicism, of the bloodsuckers who say to the 50 and 60 year old of today... don't worry  were only going to "SCR*W those a few years younger... yours is safe. Sounds like it makes sense to them. BUT UNLIKE these platinum plated tin hearts - We care about the generations after us.

Care for your mothers and your daughters - Support Strengthening Social Security and remove the tax on it - those earnings have already been taxed! THANK YOU VICKI Another thoughtful piece -  you are an asset to thinking Floridians.

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