Saturday, April 18, 2009


" — A House council hurriedly passed a sweeping rewrite of Florida election laws Friday, shutting down public comment after just two minutes and prompting an uproar from opponents."

Part 1

Well, well, shutting down public comments, after two whole minutes of debate??? REPUBLICANS, once again looking for "fraud" in all the wrong places...
Just another attempt to manufacture a republican controlled electoral system.

We've seen again and again across America, State House Republicans invent new "helpful" voting rules. Over and over inventing fresh constraints limiting democratic processes. Pretending to see fraud, where there has been none, inventing new ID requirements. Devising "protections" against non-existent election fraud. See the pattern?

It would seem that unless REPUBLICANS can purge the rolls, and restrict participation, they don't think it's FAIR?

They have through recent manipulations already made it so difficult that non-partisan organizations like the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS can no longer to assist in enrolling voters. That's what they call PROGRESS???

Why is it that reducing participation, and creating new restrictive voting rules, are priorities for republican lawmakers. Can you decipher it?
They don't think you can.

Its' really not that hard to figure out. Republicans would be happier, if most Americans just didn't vote. The smaller the electorate, the easier for the RADICAL Republican Minority to manipulate the levers of government.

Are they really interested in protecting us from non-existent fraud, or from a competitive elections. They are convinced you don't care!

Part 2
There has been no fraud found in ANY of the states, in which republican legislators have recently found the need to create new voter eligibility restrictions.

Florida has had reasonable ID restrictions for years, this state has never allowed any old home made ID. Once again we find REPUBLICANS trying to railroad new restrictions on ID requirements and tightening the rules under which voter registrations are collected, all to solve a non-existent problems. Or is it to scratch an unspeakable itch.

Finally increasing the distance to 100 feet, for voter information and assistance is also unnecessary. Removing lawyers who can assist with voters questions, that is manipulation, not intended in anyway to assist voters. Evidently gerrymandering alone has been inadequate to their purpose.

Support Redistricting Reform - there will be a petition drive headed your way on the next few weeks.
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