Sunday, August 24, 2008

Either your inside or your not!

by RW Spisak

"Either your inside or your not!"
"They're so cynical!"
" I just want to know why there shouldn't be a vote!"

Talking with delegates enroute to Denver.

Sitting next to a DNC SUPER delegate from North Carolina, who has been very active in democratic party politics since the Viet Nam War. Unsolicited he offered this, "the thing that bothers me about the blogosphere is that they are HOT! They are interested and motivated but they are cynical. I see them involved at a white hot fervor and then they drop out! I've been trying to get them out, get them involved and have them come to party events and meet people. But many of them aren't comfortable meeting people. I just wish they weren't so damn cynical. Either your inside or your not, and If your inside, then you are the enemy!"

Waiting in Fort Worth, where American Airlines, had us change gates five times, we started talking about the convention with a Massachusetts Hillary delegate. I asked her if she thought a vote for Hillary would be a good idea or would it be divisive as some suggest? She looked at me with a look that said, I've made this speech before.

"I want someone to explain to me why we are having a Convention if not to establish by a VOTE who is the democratic candidate for the 2008 election. We voted for our nominee for as long as I've been going to conventions. I've been coming since 1960. I want someone to explain to me why there shouldn't be a vote. And then if she loses, then she loses."

I said "there are those who believe we should use the whole convention as a celebration of unity and not have a divisive vote for competitors." Then why are we even having a convention if not to select our candidate?" She shot right back.

I explained I have no dog in that fight because the progressive candidate I supported weren't selelected by the Primary process. I just want to see our Constitution restored and the OLIGARCHS out of 1600. I want to see an end to American Torture and and International Policy of WAR FIRST and diplomacy maybe later.

I asked the DNC delegate from North Carolina why had impeachment been taken off the table right out of the gate, by Pelosi? He said "because the quality of the candidates and the necessity of constant fund-raising means that there is no stomach for taking strong stands"

And besides "IMPEACHMENT is a horrible idea!" "It was the solution of the founders," I offered.

He said "the problem in Washington is that its all about the MONEY. It's horrible everyone must constantly be searching for money, doing business to obtain money. Who would want to do that? Who would want to take their family to Washington, and do that. The best and brightest do not want to be involved."

I said, "I thought you said the blogosphere was cynical?"
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