Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All the plates stayed in the air

by RW Spisak

Hillary proved what kind of stuff she was made of in the Pepsi Center August 26th. Like a skilled politician or Chinese acrobat she kept three plates spinning and the crowd ate it up.

Emotions were at a peak last night and everyone held their breath to discover would she, could she? The three plates were kept aloft, the dreams she served, her core constituency and the hopes for electoral victory in November. Like any good acrobat there were moments when the balance looked precarious. But with a theatrical flourish at the top she gave us a glimpse of the goal she saw ahead.

She pointed out that it wasn't anyone person who could bring the American people the future they so richly deserve but instead it would take each of us working as hard as we can through November and beyond.

She walked out the issues one by one, the past, those brave ones we've lost, and those powerful shoulders we stand on. She reminded us of the important battle for national healthcare that will mean a remarkable landmark for the health of every American young and old.

She spoke of the hopes of children across America who once again can believe that any American from the humblest home, black or white, male or female, does have a chance to lead America to a better future.

And she spoke about what an Obama - Biden presidency can accomplish. What a better world it can bring. What hopes of peace can finally be nourished again. How America can begin to salvage it's lost dignity on the world's stage. That being said, we can build the future that respects and serves every American, not just the wealthy, and not just the subsidized global corporations, that have been the sole constituency of the disastrous Bush - McCain years.

Some no doubt hoped to see the plates crash to the floor but the consumate acrobat with a great heart, who put America's future first gave us again another reason to hope! She said it herself - Yes, we can. A great woman, a great American leader, Hillary Clinton.
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