Friday, July 04, 2008

Donation Demands by Good Causes, the problem

MoveOn Team

I appreciate your need to request donations. Not-for-profit enterprises, like the good works of cannot proceed without funding, without solicitations, that's a given.

I must offer you a small suggestion. TOO MANY REQUEST for "$$$", for Money, over and over are worse than futile, they are counterproductive. These will not succeed with people who are crushed under the BUSH ENERGY & ECONOMIC POLICIES.

Yes, we are concerned about the walrus, the polar bear, the rain forest, the turtles, the tundra , education, and medical policy in Asia, and Africa. We are also concerned about Appalachians and Kosovars, Columbians and Tibetians. We do not foregt those afflicted by AIDS in Africa and poor of South and Central America. We have not forgotten the Chinese bloggers turned in by Google and Yahoo. We remember the brave people who stood against tanks in Tienamen square and with Yeltsin in Russia. We are also concerned about jobs, indians and immigrants, women's pay equity and religious freedom. We're concerned about the mustangs, the missing bees and frogs and the Oceans. Need I, yes I must, mention Global Warming.

Here's the problem, many of us, don't have a fat republican wallet in our debtor class jeans. Many of my most politically astute colleagues are not burdened with a check book dripping with ULTRA-HEAVY ZEROS.

Going to that well too often, will dilute your important franchise with the activist community. Activists across the progressive democratic arc from the Lieberman/Zell Miller democrats to Mondale/Gore dems, to Kucinich/Gravel, Feinegold/Wexler dems to Greens, Naderites, and Ron Paul supporters, Independents and Black-flaggers, we all care. We are also struggling to survive. Hoping to stave off the and the Mortgage Marauders and Credit Carnivores.

We get 50 campaign solicitations per day, and 100 good cause emails, each time we open our email boxes. Many that we have commitment fatigue. These are serious and dangerous time before us. We will need the good will to build the necessary coalition large enough to reduce the damage of the ECONOMIC / ENERGY / WAR Policies of the Constitutionally-Ignorant Bush Oil Regime.

Don't drive us, away with constant demands for financial support. Their children and families demands for support drown you out. And we are all in this together. Coalition building must be first!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
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