Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Get Out of Jail card, for a White House Gone Wild!

2/24/08 rw spisak

Homeland, Security and the Constitution come together in the Issue of the FISA revisions now under consideration.

Are FISA rules too constraining for the current Executive? Who never saw a law, the couldn't "sign-away!" Maybe even in 2008, oversight is still a Constitutional Duty, and the baby of Privacy must not thrown out with every splash of color on the Threat Matrix.

Congressional Oversight, cannot really be given away. The war on a few international terrorist criminals cannot result in the dereliction of responsibility. Oversight cannot be outsourced to the Vice President's office.

Defend the Constitutional Principle of Congressional Oversight on issues of Spying and International Agreements or Treaties. Do not give the Executive Branch a blank check drawn on the Bill of Rights. Congress is not empowered to abandon it's responsibilities.

Congressman Klein, remind your colleagues in the House, you cannot abandon the responsibility of OVERSIGHT. Do not support the current FISA Bill. Its not TELCOM Immunity they are asking for it's Immunity of Whitehouse Gone Wild!

The retroactive "Get-Out of Jail Card" is not really for the TelCom's but for the White House Color-Coded NEOCONS. No Rendition for the Bill of Rights.

solidarity & peace
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