Sunday, March 18, 2007

Inaccurate Birth Control information provided at federally funded clinics

By Richard W. Spisak Jr.

Mar 18, 2007 9:46 AM |

Why the merits of providing medically accurate information is still under debate reflects the remaining power that superstition still holds on the American Mind.

How providing misleading information to young vulnerable women and men came to be federally funded national policy I leave to the historians. Pregnancy rates, don't allow us the luxury of that debate right now.

I hope that we will soon understand that the best way to help our children understand the REALITY of sexual behavior's consequences is to provide them with medically and scientifically accurate information. Propagating lies, continuing to replace scientific information with wishful thinking and bold-faced lies is obviously no solution.

Sexuality in minors cannot be prayed away. Humans are undeniably sexual creatures, and will behave accordingly. How we best prepare young people for that reality must be with facts, not lies, or mythology, but with accurate information. "Abstinence Only" is a philosophy, but young people require the facts to prepare them for the biological realities.

Speak to young people about philosophy and morality - YES! AND, provide them with the facts of the REAL-CONSEQUENCES of sexual behavior. That means the actual facts of Biology, Birth Control and Pregnancy. The facts must be part of the Sexual Education of today's children. The results of ignorance are already a parent.

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